New Milk Foods:
Australian Specialty Dairy

About Nulac

NuLac Foods is an Australian based company that develops and deliver dairy and dairy free products. The company focus is on products that bring a unique difference, which tastes delicious and fresh while sourcing the best quality ingredients from our own or other farms.

“Our modern Australian farms are dedicated to provide milk of the highest quality.”

John Gommans
– Founder

Our Beliefs


Use only the freshest ingredients.

Best Quality

Provide the best quality products.

Best Taste

Provide the best tasting products that we can produce.


NuLac Foods is a family owned Australian company operating since the mid-2000’s. Originally established as Caprilac with a single focus on goats milk products including powders, fresh milk and goat yoghurt. These goats products are produced from our own farms and through company owned milk processing facilities owned by two farming families. The partners in the company have extensive experience in milk processing, food technology and dairy farming through Australia and New Zealand. The vertical integration ensures the families are very focused on milk quality for our customers.

Based on the success of the goats milk range the company branched out in 2011 into dairy free products, principally coconut yoghurt under the Alpine brand. The ongoing success of this product line has encouraged the development of a range of quality dairy and dairy free products for launch in 2015. Our complete product range is now:

  • Current dairy free coconut yoghurt extended to almond yoghurt
  • New dairy free coconut based probiotic drink
  • New cows’ milk powder
  • New healthy fresh cows’ milk and yoghurt
  • Real chocolate and fresh milk drinks
  • As well continuing our goats milk range of milk powders, fresh milks and yoghurts

Our Customers

Our customers come from all walks of life and as a company we try to make a range of products that suit the widest possible range of needs and tastes.

Our goat products are made with many of our customers in mind who have had goat milk as a child or have given it to their children in order to assist with allergies and sensitivities. Many of our customers believe that goat milk is the way that milk should be, after all goats were the first dairy animal domesticated. There is a large group of people who want to consume dairy products but find digestion is difficult, for them our dairy free or goats milk products are often considered to be the best choice.

Our cows’ milk products are selected from the best quality producers we can source locally. We believe our customers of this range of powders, milks, yoghurts and our blended chocolate and milk drink want to savour the fresh, creamy taste of the best cows’ milk from the premium producing pastures of Gippsland here in Victoria. Our range of nut and vegetable based products in our coconut and almond yoghurts are not only for those looking for a healthy alternative to milk based yoghurts and probiotic drinks but also those who may wish to experience the smooth, creamy taste of a great alternative to standard yoghurts on the market. Our almond and coconut products are 100% dairy free, making them suitable for vegans and those with health conditions related to dairy products.