Alpine Yoghurt

Our well established range of coconut and goats milk yoghurts.

Alpine continues to offer a delicious range of natural and flavoured goat yoghurts in 200gm, 500gm and 1kg pack sizes. Current flavours include a healthy natural and passionfruit coconut yoghurts as well as natural, wild berry and strawberry fruit flavoured goats milk yoghurts. Try them for desserts, breakfast or as a snack on their own.

Products Available:

  • Alpine Goat Yoghurt Natural 500g
  • Alpine Goat Yoghurt Stawberry 500g
  • Alpine Goat Yoghurt Wildberry 500g
  • Alpine Goat Yoghurt Passion fruit 500g
  • Alpine Coconut Yoghurt Natural 400g
  • Alpine Coconut Yoghurt Natural 500g
  • Alpine Coconut Yoghurt Passion fruit 500g

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